When the temperature drops, your profits go up!



The energy cost savings you’ll get from ISOFLEX insulation will make the purchase pay for itself.

A true pocket & budget saver!

ISOFLEX Thermal aluminium foil insulation products are designed to combat heat gain at summer and heat loss at winter, in all forms (radiation, convection and conduction), resulting in ideal thermal performance to your homes, workplace, public facility, cold storage and in your factory workshop / warehouse. ISOFLEX has also passed the international standard for health and safety testing.

ISOFLEX suitable for:
Roof Insulation- Residential Tiled Roof, Residential Metal Roof, Commercial Metal Deck Roof.

Before and after - ISOFLEX thermal insulation result
Both in Summer & Winter - ISOFLEX saves a lot!

Technical Specifications

Description Result
Thickness 4 mm
Roll Dimension 1.2 x 40 m
Reflectivity 96%
Bubble Diameter 10 mm
Tensile Strength MD 257lb/ sq. inch (ASTM D828)
Elongation MD 45% (ASTM 3759)
Water Vapour Transmission Rate 0.005 g/sq.meter/day (ASTM E96)
Fire Rating NPFA Class A NPFA Class 1