When the temperature drops, your profits go up!

ISOFLEX Solutions & Application


Imagine how much money to be spend just to fight the thermal problems in the workplace, factory, cold storage, public facility, and even your homes?

Why not investing in an economic way, but resulting in such maximum outcome!

Affordable solution - Applicable - Practical

Let’s think about the various technological advances that are endless in the world of thermal insulation, they all have one thing in common: Massive investment! It turns out giving major damage in your pocket of investment.

Why not investing in an instant result yet economic and saves your spending from day 1?

Various ISOFLEX Solutions & Application in everyday life...

ISOFLEX insulation in restaurants - kitchens, will bring a comfortable athmosphere.

ISOFLEX insulation in work place - office, can save electricity and avoiding damage on the electronic equipments due to overheating.

ISOFLEX insulation in air ductings will ensure no thermal leakage during the air conditioner distribution.

ISOFLEX insulation can save your home electricity bills by helping your home heater / air conditioner to perform better.

ISOFLEX insulation will make your stored items in your warehouse and cold storage safe from heat damage.

A glass building protection against thermal is only at it’s roof and interior partitions, ISOFLEX can be installed in ceiling and partition walls.